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About us

GSC, or Global Security Coalition, is an ArmA 3 community that revolves around playing light milsim operations in a friendly environment.
None of that yessir stuff here, but we operate in teams with effective tactics. Combined Arms, Special Forces, Jets, Boats, Divers, you name it.

Our Mods

We utilize ACE3, ACRE2, CUP, and many other mods to improve the experience of playing ArmA 3. From realistic radios and a complex medical system, to real world vehicles and weapons from armies across the globe, GSC operates in a realistic, but fun environment.

Our Other Games

We also play many other games together, such as Stellaris, Hearts of Iron, Elite: Dangerous, and even WarThunder! With a large, active community,  no matter what you play, there will be someone playing it!

Our Other Servers

We also host events and servers for other games, not limited to but including Factorio, Space Engineers, Minecraft, and tons of other things that any community member can request!

Our Discord

We utilize Discord to communicate quickly between members in a casual zone. Anything and everything takes place there, as it is the hub of GSC.

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