CCO VIII – Operation Triple Point

Operational Briefing


Caribou Island is located off the east coast of Siberia, in the Bering Strait.


The island has been used as a Red Army maneuver range, gulag work camps, and a black market port of exit for ex-Soviet military hardware. Plenty of mothballed cold-war era equipment remain on the island. Most recently it has been occupied by western oil industry workers under government contract and environmental scientists studying the tundra climate. Russia and the West are cooperating in a tenuous joint project to develop the resources of Siberia, and Caribou island is a tentative first step.


Points of interest (POIs) with civilian activity include:

  • Eastside Port: The dock in the southeast
  • Oil Bay: POL workers’ facilities on the south coast
  • The airstrip on the west side
  • Dormitory under construction on the Point Rocks peninsula
  • Scientific Station on the north east coast


Yesterday at 0645 hours JMSDF vessels received a distress call from the MV Okoń, a commercial fishing boat docked at Caribou Island. The crew stated that a large group of armed men, possibly pirates, had attacked the vessel and other civilians on the island, overwhelming their private security personnel.


A second distress call was received at 0730, from a transmitter on the island. A member of the scientific station research team stated most civilians had been captured by the armed group, and several had been killed. The sender of the message planned to attempt to evade capture along with a few others.


Governments with a stake in the region have agreed to cooperate in order to safeguard civilian lives. In the interest of urgency Russia has authorized a limited number of NATO forces training in Hokkaido, Japan to enter its territory and stage at an old air base near the island.


Earlier today, the Combined Joint Task Force (CJTF) composed of elements of US Rangers (TFT8), [other units], as well as additional PMC personnel (Theseus, GSC) were transported to FOB Kelvin 4 km south of Caribou Island.


Helicopter flights in the vicinity were able to reach a group of civilians in hiding via shortwave radio.


A mission will be launched immediately to reconnoiter Caribou Island, to determine the nature of the armed belligerents, and to locate and evacuate any civilian groups either evading capture or being held captive.


The hostile group is estimated to number at least 200, dressed in paramilitary garb, equipped with small arms and RPGs, and likely arrived on the island by small boats. They are unlikely to possess guided AT/AA missiles. We believe they occupy the southwest and south parts of the island, including the main administrative and industrial areas, as well as the dock.


Hostiles may be backed by CSAT interests to a certain degree, likely with weapons, possibly with personnel.


CJTF assets have been deployed to FOB Kelvin, some 4 km south of Caribou Island.


Rotary-wing: 2x CH-47 Chinooks and 2x MH-60 Blackhawks operated by TFT8 Razor.

Naval: 1x LCU Mk10, 2x RHIB


According to records of the resource development company and the scientific station, the civilian presence on the island is as follows:

  • 40 Scientists/Workers/Pilots
  • 12 Security Detail
  • Trucks (3-5)
  • 4WDs (3)
  • MD500 (1)
  • Taru (1)
  • Fishing Ship: MV Okoń (crew 5)

We expect most of the civilians to be held captive by the enemy, however some groups and individuals are trying to escape, and are most likely located near the coast.


We are in contact with a group of 5 civilians hiding in the east of the island, designated as Gander. One member of Gander is armed. Exact location is unknown due to evading hostiles.


CJTF will recon the island to improve our understanding of the situation and evacuate civilians to safety.


  • Make contact with Gander
  • Reconnoiter Points of Interest
  • Locate and protect Civilians
  • Evacuate Civilians to FOB Kelvin
  • Account for 57 Civilians


  1. From FOB Kelvin, ISR helicopter will attempt to make contact with and locate Gander
  2. Infantry teams will be deployed by helicopter and boat to locate and secure Gander personnel
  3. Supported by boats and helicopters, infantry forces will sweep the coastline starting at the Port and moving counter clockwise, investigating POIs along the way.
    1. Wheeled vehicles can be brought up by sling-load and resupplied by the LCU
  4. As civilian locations are confirmed, squads may be rotated out of the sweeping force to redeploy by helicopter and secure the next location.


LCU and Chinook will provide advanced medical support.

LCU will provide advanced engineering support


Available Roles

PMC Squad 1

Planter 1 Alpha

  • Squad Leader – operator-chan
  • Designated Marksman – haddsman
  • Medic – Vanilla Cake
  • Autorifleman – Yin
  • AT Rifleman – Hodge

Planter 1 Bravo

  • Team Leader
  • Designated Marksman
  • Medic
  • Autorifleman
  • AT Rifleman

Logistics Crew (LCU)

  • LCU Commander – Eogos
  • LCU Crewman

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