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Combined Community Ops VII – The Molos Pocket

August 18 @ 3:00 pm - 6:00 pm UTC-4

Hello everyone and welcome to the 7th CCO event, hosted by TFT8! If you’re new to GSC and haven’t heard of the Combined Community Ops events before allow me to explain. CCO is something I came up with about this time last year in which multiple communities, normally separate from each other, come together to play an event with each other. Originally it was a one off event named Operation CUP, a pun off the fact that the first plans of this were developed in the private chats of the CUP mod discord. Now it has evolved into a standalone thing where all the communities involved take turns “hosting” aka creating the mission we are to play and as stated earlier, this one is hosted by TFT8. We do have a Discord for CCO events, mainly for private event planning but there is a public channel where the members of different communities can talk to one another to discuss the upcoming/past events. If you’d like to join that Discord server you can do so here: https://discord.gg/nYKUjXj Now without any further ado, here is the briefing for The Molos Pocket.

Pre-Operation Timeline

June 8th, 2035

Russian security forces arrive on Altis claiming to be protecting Russian nationals on the island.

June 25th, 2035

Russian forces begin occupying Kavala after claims of unconfirmed terrorist attacks on Russian forces and nationals.

July 7th, 2035

NATO intelligence reported Russian heavy equipment entering through the port of Kavala.

July 18th, 2035

Russian forces attack National Guard units on a Field Training Exercise killing 12.

July 19th, 2035

Russian officials issue a formal apology to the men killed in the training exercises and their families. Russian officials declare a DMZ in a five kilometer radius around Kavala to avoid further conflict.

July 20th, 2035

Greek officials denounce the DMZ and claim Russia has no formal authority to declare one.

July 22nd, 2035

Greece mobilizes its Army and National Guard units.

July 23rd, 2035

Greece asks for NATO and UN assistance.

July 25th, 2035

Russia VETOes any attempt to dissolve the DMZ in UN Security council meetings.

July 28th, 2035

Russian cruisers fire on Greek freighters outside the port of Kavala. Russian officials claim they had intelligence that the freighters were carrying military equipment and violating the DMZ.

August 1st, 2035

Greek navy establishes a blockade around Kavala.

August 9th, 2035

Warning shots are exchanged by both sides. Both Greek and Russian forces point to the other.

August 12th, 2035

The Russian Cruiser Varyag attempts to run the Greek blockade to join forces with the small Russian fleet at port. Fire is exchanged and two Russian sailors are injured.

August 13th, 2035

Russia demands the blockade be lifted in the UN Security Council meeting and cites the incident with the Varyag. France and the United States VETOes the motion.

August 14th, 2035

Russian air and naval forces attack the Greek blockade. Russian forces fight a decisive naval action, destroying the Greek fleet. Greece declares war around noon and demands NATO assistance. Russian forces bomb Greek forces and infrastructure. Russian VDV units make landings in strategic areas overnight.

August 15th, 2035

NATO Declares war on the Russian Federation. Russian naval forces block the Suez canal and fight a delaying action in the Mediterranean Sea.

August 16th, 2035

The remaining Greek forces on the island are pushed back to the peninsula creating a situation similar to the Busan pocket of the Korean war. The only supply line for the Greek units is the Molos Airfield. Greek forces are ordered to hold the “Molos Pocket” until NATO forces can arrive to assist in the coming days.

August 17th, 2035

NATO Naval forces are on the verge of breaking through the Russian fleet and opening the path to liberating Altis. NATO requests the Greeks to attack and gain as much ground as they can for the impending NATO coalition.


Situation – August 18th 2035

After weeks of fighting the Russian invasion the Greek defenders have been pushed back to the town of Molos. The airfield to the north is the only thing keeping the remaining forces in the fight. NATO Naval actions in the Mediterranean brings relief closer every day. In anticipation for the relief forces to arrive, NATO requests the Greek defenders to resume offensive operations and divert Russian troops away from the liberation force.


Enemy Forces

  • 4th Guards Tank Division
  • 2nd Guards Motor Rifle Division


Friendly Forces

  • 224th Infantry Battalion
  • 649th National Guard Infantry Battalion
  • 88th Armored Battalion



The objective of this operation is to perform a counter-offensive to draw Russian troops away from the liberation force and make progress to liberating the Island. Key objectives to completing this task is to capture the city of Paros and it’s important junction to Pyrgos and the west of Altis.



Greek forces will push along the Phase lines capturing strategic objectives and advance until Paros is reached. Objectives will be completed under Commander’s Intent



2x Leopard L2A6 MBT

2x Mirage 2000 Multirole Fighter

1x AH-64D Apache

1x NH90 Transport




Gameplay Notes

Each squad is capable of providing its own logistics.

All frequencies are prepared and each rifleman will have a radio to communicate with his squad.


Role Signup

3rd Squad

Squad Leader: Eogos
Team Leader:
RTO: Hizaku
Medic: Makushi
Machine Gunner: Hizaku
Machine Gunner:
AT Rifleman: Operator-Chan

Currently Registered

Chaotic_Hizaku Hizaku Makushi Makushi
operator-chan operator-chan Eogos Eogos

Registrations are closed for this event


August 18
3:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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