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Operation Last Judgement – Assault On Kalae

June 16 @ 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm UTC-4

The conflict with Russian in the Lythium Sector is quickly coming to a close and it’s time for our final assault on their main HQ in the city of Kalae. Do not expect the Russians to roll over simply because they’re all but finished, but instead expect them to throw everything they have left into the defense of the city. As such, all guns will be brought to bear on the city, CAS, Artillery, Rocket Artillery, everything will be used. The operation will take place in 4 phases: Green Phase, Purple Phase, Yellow Phase, and Blue Phase.


1. Green Phase


Green Phase will be the starting point of the operation. All ground units will assemble at RP Alpha and await orders to begin the assault. Once the green light is given, ground forces will move into Kalae Village North and clear the area, once clear they will regroup at RP Bravo and do the same to Kalae Base. Both RP Alpha and RP Bravo are situated on hills overlooking Kalae Village North and Kalae Base respectively, it is advised you use this to your advantage by taking out as many Russians from a distance as possible before moving in.


2. Purple Phase


Phase Purple will begin once Kalae Base has fallen, Ground forces will move from Kalae Base to Kalae Village West and clear it of any hostiles. Ground forces should move from Kalae Base to Kalae Village West ASAP once Purple Phase begins. By this time CAS and Artillery should have at least put a dent into the forces in the area so fighting in the village should be limited to house clearing. After Village West is cleared, the ground forces will be left the decision of which order to take the next objectives in. The base plan will be to take Kalae Factory first and then Radio Tower 115186, however, the situation may change leading to the opposite being safer therefore this part will left open ended in a way.


3. Yellow Phase


After Purple Phase, ground units will regroup at RP Charlie. Once reorganized, all forces will move on Kalae HQ as quickly as possible and clear it, expect heavy resistance as they will most likely defend the HQ with everything left on the Western half of the Kalae area. After the HQ has fallen, ground units will regroup at RP Delta and move in on the Kalae Barracks and Airport terminal. While technically three separate objectives, the Barracks and Airport Terminal are all stringed together closely in a nice line, which should allow the ground forces to smoothly clear all three as if they were one going from South West to North East.


4. Blue Phase


Blue Phase will be the final phase of the operation. Ground forces will regroup at RP Echo in the North West corner of Kalae Noowi and prepare for heavy urban combat against the remaining Russian forces dug into the city. Those on the ground will have the decision of which sectors to clear first, but it is advised that Radio Tower 128170 and the Kalae Field Hospital be cleared first before moving to clear the city center.



Preliminary Objectives

  1. All enemy held sectors not discussed in the above phases of Operation Last Judgement should be captured in the days leading up to the operation itself.
  2. FOB Hunting objectives should be taken to lower the enemies alert level before hand if possible.


Available Assets

A full list of available assets will be discussed before the operation start, however players should expect to be utilizing a mobile respawn HEMTT and an APC/IFV at minimum. Ground AI forces may be a possibility but we’ll see on the day of. Obviously a full complement of A10s, Comanches, Searas, Sholefs, and Black Wasps will be present providing support as well.


Satellite Pictures

Our satellite has been utilized to take birds eye view of all sectors involved in the operation:

1. Kalae Village North

2. Kalae Base

3. Kalae Village West

4. Radio Tower 115186

5. Kalae Factory

6. Kalae HQ

7. Kalae Barracks West

8. Kalae Barracks East

9. Kalae Airport Terminal

10. Radio Tower 128170

11. Kalae Field Hospital

12. North Kalae Noowi

13. South Kalae Noowi


June 16
1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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