Fallen Angel Brief

Operational Briefing

A Spanish Forward Operations Base in Lythium has come under assault from Russian Forces. NATO High Command has called in GSC to provide interim support and assist in securing the base against hostile forces until a larger task force arrives in the region.


CO Konigstiger’s operational intention is for GSC to deploy via helicopter into the Division 44 Forward Operations Base in Lythium as a rapid mobility troop that will assist and intervene in the ongoing conflict. After deployment, GSC forces will secure the perimeter of the base, and push forward with the assistance of Spanish forces to secure the main regional bridges and wipe out any nearby hostile encampments that could threaten the region.


Friendly forces within the AO are varied. There are multiple small foot-patrols and motorized troops that have been engaged throughout the nearby region and may request or require aid. In addition, there is currently a platoon strength deployment of motorized troops engaged in actively defending the base.

The armoured detachment that belongs to the base was wiped out in the conflict several days prior. A secondary set of mechanized troops is currently en-route to the AO, but their arrival time is currently unknown.

The large river-bed that runs between the southern lower section of Lythium and the middle-northern section has been heavily mined by Spanish Forces, in order to ensure that all traffic remains on the bridges. Taking the bridges intact is a priority.

Supporting 155mm artillery has been deployed to the region, as well as a detachment of rotary-wing support. Both will be available to be called in by the GSC JTAC.

In addition, several local Spanish vehicles, including some mechanized and motorized assets will be available for use, as the Spaniards have allowed us their usage.


The enemy force composition is rather mixed with the AO. There have been reports of heavy enemy mechanized and motorized presence, and the expected deployment of divisional-level strength. SAM Batteries have been set up outside the zone of operations, leading to limited asset deployment. Expect the usage of smaller, mobile artillery to soften up positions prior to an extended assault.

The enemy has not been seen to have deployed fixed or rotary wing forces due to the FOB’s air defense system and C-RAM still being operational at this point in time.

Supply Situation

The Forward Operations Base is well supplied, as enemy SAM coverage has not stopped incoming rotary wing flights to resupply the base. There is a plentiful supply of munitions and other resources, and some heavier items may be requested from CROSSROADS by the on-site commander.

Available Roles

Fox Section

  • Section Leader (On-Site Commander)
  • JTAC
  • Medic
  • Saw Gunner
  • Saw Gunner
  • Rifleman (AT)
  • Rifleman (AT)
  • Demolitions Specialist
  • Engineer

Dog Team (AT)

  • Team Leader
  • AT Specialist
  • Asst. AT Specialist
  • Medic

Gopher Team (MMG)

  • Team Leader
  • MMG Gunner
  • Asst. Gunner
  • Designated Marksman


GSC Forces:

Fox – Fox Actual (On-Site Commander)

Dog – Dog Actual

Gopher – Gopher Actual


End State

GSC forces will have secured the perimeter of the base, and secured the major regional roads that lead towards the base. In addition, any OPFOR encampments that could threaten the FOB are wiped out.

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