GSCREP #0016

GSC REP #00016 - A Fat Update

Future Operations

Currently being planned (in this following order):

Operation Strongpoint

Operation Nordic Thunder

Warhammer 40k

This is the ArmA 3 Only War 40K mod. The server currently only contains this mod, and will hopefully be used fairly often!

The repo will be available soon at

Modpack Updates

Main Operations
Removed Drongo’s Mods
Removed ASR AI 3
Added Tactical Ready
Added Mag Sim
Updated CUP Dev
Updated 3den Enhanced
Updated CFP
Updated Diwako DUI
Added VCOM AI (To be tested)
Updated ACRE2 to v998 dev
Updated FIR AWS

Added DynaSound2 (Use with ESS)
Added Enhanced Soundscape (Use with DS2)


Added base modset
(3den, ace, acex, achilles, acre2, slingload/towing, cba, dui, exm, mags, suppress, tacpos, vcom, wfw, zec
Updated Only War

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