Operation Phoenix Ashes Briefing

Operational Briefing

GSC has stepped in to provide private contracting for defense in Zargabad. We will be taking over the role of NATO forces that were in the region prior to our arrival. We have been established in the area of operations for just under a week at this point, and it is time to conduct the first peace patrol.


CO Konigstiger’s operational intention is for GSC to deploy into Zargabad utilizing the available MRAPs to conduct peacetime patrols of the region, and respond to any emerging threats. Intel has led us to believe that several incoming terrorist cells may attempt to interfere with this patrol, so establishing a local presence is a priority in peacekeeping.


There are few friendly forces within the Area of Operations. Your patrol will be the initial presence of our troops within the area. However, keep in mind that French troops may be patrolling the area, as they are tasked to the areas immediately North and East of Zargabad.

GSC HQ has managed to provide us with two operational assets for this mission. First off is a V44X-Blackfish Gunship variant, on call from the Freedom offshore. Second, an armed stealth drone has been deployed in the area, capable of both precision strikes and thermal imaging. Both of these assets will be available to the on-ground JTAC through the DAO system.

There is a heavy civilian presence in the area. The citizens of Zargabad are somewhat neutral to the scenario but have been seen assisting insurgent forces nearby. Ensure that civilians are not shot upon We cannot risk increasing the amount of civilian hostility before our initial presence firmly sets in. Hearts and Minds, people.

Several MRAPs will be available for this operation, due to the heavy presence of IEDs and mines throughout the area of operations.


The enemy, if there is one present, will be in the form of insurgent troops. These troops themselves are not well equipped, but their tactics will be difficult to deal with. Expect that the enemy will be armed with technicals and older, Soviet-era equipment.

Prepare to be dealing with improvised explosive devices, mines, and suicide bombers. The enemy has many of these types of devices in stock and is willing to utilize the civilian population through forceful coercion in order to push through with their ends.


The Forward Operations Base is well supplied, and as such, GSC reinforcement and resupply troops are in the area of operations to provide resupply to areas that have recently been cleared of any IED threat. Logistic Operations has specified that they may be utilizing paradropped supplies of limited quantities in order to reach troops that are at any major distance from the FOB.

Available Roles




GSC Forces:

Fox – Fox Actual (On-Site Commander)

Dog – Dog Actual

Bloodhound – Bloodhound Actual (EOD Team)


End State

GSC forces have conducted a peace patrol of the city of Zargabad and the nearby towns. Any actionable intelligence is acted upon.

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