Operation Armoured Fist

Operational Briefing

The starting strike of the campaign in Chernarus will be lead by GSC forces. This will be a long, gruelling campaign, and we are to give the enemy a hell of a bloody nose.


CO Konigstiger’s operational intention is for a GSC armoured brigade team to deploy to a pre-secured beachhead via transport. Hereafter, they will conduct spearhead operations to rapidly secure territory. Additional GSC forces will follow in to lock down territory.


There are a limited number of friendly forces in the area of operations. The NATO fleet will be ensuring SAM coverage of the AO, along with providing naval gunfire operations. In addition, other GSC units have deployed along the coastline in order to secure the beachhead. Conflict is still occurring in the town we are using, and the main dockyards have sustained heavy damage.

In addition, NATO high command has given us control of 1 (one) single F/A-181 Black Wasp II for this operation, in a stealth configuration. Usage of it is permitted, but not recommended, as enemy AAA/SAM capabilities are unknown at this time.


Many civilians are in the area of operations – few to none have evacuated at this point. Avoid injuring civilians or damaging their property. Keeping the civilians on our side is imperative for this conflict! We do not want to be fighting both Red Star and civilian forces at the same time.


The enemy force composition is rather mixed with the AO. There have been reports of heavy enemy mechanized and motorized presence, and the expected deployment of divisional-level strength. There are reports of fast movers in the area of operations, however, most of these have been deterred by the firepower of the fleet. Keep in mind that the enemy has dug in well along the route you will be taking, so expect fortified positions supported by armour. Motorized troops will most likely be conducting patrols throughout the region,

Supply Situation

The spearhead itself will not be well supplied due to the nature of the operation. Limited numbers of additional troops (read: respawns) are available, but more may be supplied given the tactical situation. Due to the lack of port facilities, little in the way of resupply itself is available, so use munitions sparingly!

Available Roles

Fox Section

  • Section Leader (On-Site Commander)
  • JTAC
  • Medic
  • MMG Gunner
  • Asst. MG Gunner
  • Engineer
  • UAV Operator
  • Demolitions Specialist
  • Rifleman (AT)
  • Rifleman (AT)
  • SAW Gunner
  • Designated Marksman

Predator 1

  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Driver

Predator 2

  • Commander
  • Gunner
  • Driver


GSC Forces:

Fox – Fox Actual (On-Site Commander)

Predator 1 – Predator 1-Actual (Predator Actual)

Predator 2- Predator 2-Actual



End State

GSC forces will have secured the locations that have been given to the commanders of the operation. In addition, any optional objectives, if achieved, have been fully secured. Little to no damage to civilians and their infrastructure, and no enemies remaining at objective areas.

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